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North York Dental Clinic

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5486 Yonge St, North York, ON M2N 7L3

Downtown Dental Clinic

(416) 513-9494
819 Yonge St. Toronto, ON, M4W 2G9


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This is by far the best dental clinic I’ve ever been to, seriously! Everyone is so polite, knowledgeable and professional. They also have the latest state of the art dental machinery/devices/tech.

If you’re looking for a better way to have and maintain your oral hygiene, then look no further. They also have Invisalign treatment available. These are some of the reason why I highly recommend them.

Oli S

Downtown dental clinic is very accommodating. They are very professional. From the moment I started going to this clinic I feel like I belong to the family. I am always assured that I get the best service. Dr. Houra is a great dentist and would go above and beyond in terms of caring for your teeth and would provide the best invisalign in the city. Thanks to the very welcoming staff, too.

Jaymark A

Got my Invisalign here, and now my teeth are straighter and nicer! It was really easy to use and wear, and the service here is excellent. Dr. Houra is very helpful and patient specially for someone my age. we recommended this clinic to my friends.


Very professional staffs, accomodating and friendly! I am so pleased with their service, helped/guided my son in his invisalign process and awesome result! I think INVISALiGN is one of the amazing innovation in dental world! I even recommended the clinic to my friends and they are so happy with the service. I rate this clinic 15 out of 10. Dr. Houra’s expertise is above and beyond.

Gems C

Great office to go take care of your teeth. The professionalism and friendliness of the whole team is outstanding. I had to do Wisdom Teeth Removal and currently waiting for my Invisalign Liners(exciting). The front desk staff makes you feel right at home immediately when you walk in the door.

Tricia L

The service with the Downtown Dental Clinic was awesome. The staff and the dentist answered all of my questions. I am currently receiving Invisalign treatment with the diamond Invisalign treatment with Dr. Houra. I am very excited and satisfied with the service. I would highly recommend this clinic to my family and friends.

Jesus B

Dr. Houra and the staff at Downtown dental clinic was great. Very welcoming and friendly. I’m half way done with my Invisalign and I’m excited to see the final results!! They provided excellent service and I will be coming here for all my future dental needs!

Aswin S

I treated my cavities and get my Invisalign here. Alway free welcome here! Everyone is really nice, the executive assistants, the dentists and hygienists. The clinic is very clean and comfy.

Buka L

My first time to do Invisalign here! Very friendly and accommodating people. Highly recommended!! :)

Izel B

North York Dental Clinic is one of the best clinics in the area. They offer unmatched expertise, best services and friendly advices. I love how professional and friendly the staff is. I want to convey my sincere thanks to everyone at the clinic. I highly recommend them for all services, from Invisalign to teeth cleaning.

Devyaani D

North York Dental Clinic is one of the best clinics I have ever been to. The staff were all awesome! They were all friendly and accommodating. I currently had an Invisalign treatment here and the results were amazing! The treatment was easy and the process was painless. If you are thinking of getting Invisalign, do it, because you will not regret it. It will make your smile bright and affectionate.

Hans T

Making the choice to get Invisalign was one of my best ones. First thing..the staff is superbly friendly, very welcoming and very thorough….the best.

I’ve always wanted to straighten my teeth but kept putting it off. Dr. Hours Saadat told me the benefits and helped me made that decision/transition so I decided in May 2021 to start and I am emphatically happy that I did. I just finished my treatment (June 2022) and I am smiling like crazy as I can now show my teeth confidently and proudly.

If you are considering it…stop considering and just go for it…you won’t regret it.

Allatunje C

I highly recommend this dental clinic , the front desk staff and hygienists are super welcoming and very nice , I had a Invisalign treatment and it was a wonderful experience throughout my process it was easy and painless . It was awesome that they were highly knowledgeable about all the questions I had. My overall experience at this clinic was great !!

Emily S

Great cleaning and service, currently doing my invisalign treatment here! Staff is very friendly and diligent .

Angie T